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Photography exhibition system

Propose a new concept design for the exhibition

Australian Life is a yearly exhibition part of the
Art & About Sydney program that promotes contemporary photographic practices.

22 works are selected for exhibition, from around 1,300 submissions across Australia. Australian Life is open to professional and amateur photographers, displaying engaging and intriguing images from across the country that depict Australian Life beyond the icons.

The exhibition has been held in Hyde Park for 14 years. The exhibition itself is a popular destination, while the location in Hyde Park attracts transient and unintentional engagement.

Please note, the exhibition cannot be presented in a number of locations throughout Hyde Park, namely the central walkway.

  1. Concept design objectives

    We are seeking concepts for a new exhibition format that reimagines the presentation and design of the exhibition. While Hyde Park north/south presents as an excellent location the City of Sydney is open to submissions that propose a new paradigm.

    The chosen exhibition design must have a minimal visual and physical impact ensuring the primacy of the photographic image in the viewer’s experience.

    Review maps and image references from the 2017 Australian Life exhibition.

    Referenced images PDF 345 KB

    Hyde Park South map PDF 719 KB

    Hyde Park North map PDF 871 KB

    Australian Life site map PDF 311 KB

    Australian Life exhibition PDF 484 KB

  2. When is the exhibition?

    Australian Life will be exhibited for 1 month and can range from July 2019 to November 2019. Dates are subject to availability of the venue selected.

  3. Creative/design brief

    The design concept for the exhibition should consider and address the following:

    • outdoor
    • large scale with high impact
    • primarily focused on showcasing the image
    • viewable at all times of day
    • maintains the integrity of the exhibition
    • present exhibition images in a large scale format printed at 2800x1860
    • freestanding – not reliant on site-specific city infrastructure
    • potential flexibility for display on uneven surfaces and gradients
    • includes lighting as an integral design element to ensure the exhibition is visible at night
    • acknowledges the public realm location in terms of its design relationship to space along with the functional need for a robust mechanism with a low risk profile
    • simplicity of mobilisation, de-installation and storage – new exhibition design infrastructure will be used over a 5-year period for approximately 4 weeks a year
    • The total budget for the successful design is $30–40K.
  4. Submission requirements

    Please include the first 2 items in your response to the creative/design brief:

    • illustrated renders of the proposed exhibition system both in free-space and superimposed into the public realm
    • a portfolio detailing experience with at least 3 similar projects.

    The successful creative/designer/design team will be required to work closely with our major events and festivals team to ensure the successful delivery of the design concept and supply the following:

    • technical drawings, engineering specifications and design reference materials for the concept so that manufacturing briefs can be developed with the City
    • engineering certification that supports the design’s structural integrity
    • manufacturing cost estimation
    • prototyping and/or 3D modelling
    • attend meetings with suppliers constructing the exhibition system/design concept
    • attend meetings and site inspections as required.
  5. Budget and timeline

    A design fee of $30,000 to $40,000 will be payable to the successful creative/designer/design team that meets the creative/design brief and submission requirements.

    Applications close: Sunday 1 April

    Evaluation: 2 April to 13 April

    Successful applicant notified: Monday 16 April

    Design development period: 17 April to 3 June

    The City has allocated a design fee of of $30,000 to $40,000 payable to the successful designer(s) for the deliverables outlined in this brief.

  6. How to apply

    Applications close at 5pm on Friday 30 March 2018.

Apply now