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City Walls #3: Boundary Road

A multi-wall landscape mural tucked away amidst dense Sydney streets, where the city centre meets Surry Hills, for Art & About Sydney.

The colourful artwork is based on images artist Max Berry captured in Hill End, a former gold mining town north-west of Sydney. This is your chance to escape the urbane and gaze upon a glowing regional horizon, as you let the rest of the city rush around you.

Working with an impossibly hip palette of soft, sorbet colours, Boundary Road sees Berry bringing a contemporary art view of traditional landscapes in this latest edition of City Walls, an ongoing Art & About project curated by Elliott Routledge, AKA Numskull.

Berry’s paintings often feature moody yet whimsical versions of the Australian landscape, and have appeared on both gallery and street walls across London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and all over Australia.

With Boundary Road, Berry ‘challenges the relentless pace of contemporary life and searches for what is most important.’ With the ever-gritty realism of city spaces as its backdrop, the public artwork allows viewers a moment to pause, and reflect on the many different ways Australia can be looked upon.

Whether you engage with City Walls #3: Boundary Road as a backdrop for your Snapchat selfies, or for a momentary meditation on the powerful, and at times political, tension between Australian town and country, this is a beautiful public artwork waiting patiently to be discovered.

Visit Max’s, Elliott’s, or the Funstudio website and Max or Elliott’s Instagram.