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The Nightline

Are you a night owl, insomniac, shift-worker, new parent, dreamer, stargazer or sleepwalker?

We want to hear what’s keeping Sydney-siders awake.

If you’re one of those people who’s often up late, Urban Theatre Projects invites you to leave an anonymous after-midnight voice message on The Nightline.

The Nightline is an audio art project by Roslyn Oades & Bob Scott that will be part of our Art & About program in 2020.

Share what’s on your mind. A story from your night. Or leave a message for someone you’ve lost touch with.

There are 2 easy ways to leave an after-midnight message on The Nightline:

  1. Record a voice memo (or WhatsApp recording) on your phone and text it to 0457 910 843.
  2. Leave an old school phone message by ringing The Nightline direct on 0457 910 843.

Find out more

Take a listen to some messages

Note: We’ve sought special permission to add these audio clips here. Your call is guaranteed to be anonymous, unless you tell us otherwise.

Expressions of interest

We love big ideas that temporarily transform public and unusual spaces.

We’ll be calling for submissions for our 2021-2022 program in November 2020. Start fleshing out your ideas now! If you have any queries, email us.

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