Visit the St James entrance to Hyde Park North, our new venue for Sydney Life and discover the many faces of our city, captured by some of our most exciting emerging and established photographic talents. These stunning large scale photographs show us the Sydney that lies beneath the iconic images of our city. From a close-up on a secret moment to a wide-angle take on the face we show to the public, Sydney Life lifts the layers, giving us a glimpse into who we really are and who we might want to be.

The Sydney Life Prize

The most outstanding work in this year’s exhibition receives a $10,000 prize.

Sydney Life Judging Panel

Liane Rossler

Liane is an artist, designer, curator, creative advisor and ambassador for issues relating to design and the environment. Recent work includes Supercyclers, a project focussed on clever and beautiful sustainable design practice. Liane was also co-founder, former designer and director of Dinosaur Designs.

Moshe Rosenzveig

Moshe is the founder and director of Head On photo festival, the world’s second-largest event of its kind. His career spans over 30 years as a photojournalist, commercial photographer, educator and an award winning television producer/director whose work has been screened, published and exhibitied in Australia and overseas.

Sandy Edwards

Sandy is the founder of ARTHERE, an organisation that provides services to photographers for exhibitions and projects in Sydney and Australia. Sandy is also a curator at Stills Gallery, Sydney’s most established photography gallery.

Sydney Life Tours

Join Sydney Life judge Sandy Edwards for a free tour of this year’s exhibition.
Meet at Archibald Fountain
Friday 20 September – 7.30pm – 8.15pm
Saturday 12 October – 2.00pm – 2.45pm

Congratulations Jenny Evens, winner of the 2013 Sydney Life Photography Exhibition

Image Credit: Eleanor, portrait of a boxer | Eleanor Boden, pictured at The Elouera Tony Mundine Gym, a community gym based in The Block, Redfern. The gym provides a safe environment for all regardless of racial, social or economic background. (detail)


2013 Sydney Life Photography Exhibition
Winner of the 2013 Sydney Life Photography Exhibition - Jenny Evans | Eleanor Boden, pictured at The Elouera Tony Mundine Gym, a community gym based in The Block, Redfern. The gym provides a safe environment for all regardless of racial, social or economic background.(detail)
Louise Whelan | Siblings | Siblings gather for a photo outside their home inDoonside. A refugee familywho is well settled in Sydneyafter they fled the DemocraticRepublic of Congo. (detail)
Zorica Purlija | May the Force be with you | My daughter playing with a Star Wars light saber after sunset. (detail)
Mihnea  Stoenescu | Castlereagh Street, December 2012| Old, new and postmodern in the Sydney CBD. (detail)
Maia Rose | Sixty two thousand and thirteen | Dilan’s weekend journeys back in time – where rainbows ruled and love was free forever constant sweet melodies, for here and for now I am the queen; aunties house is a beautiful dream. (detail)
Tamara Dean | Ebenezer Rock Drop | The Edge # 6 comes from my body of work which explores the informal rites of passage created by young people in a relationship with the natural world (detail)
Stephen Wiessner | Fish for Dinner | The Sydney Harbour Bridge supplies the backdrop to a bit of fishing. (detail)
Tamara Voninski | Fight Club | Outside the fighting cage, the fight round bell rings at the Cage Fighting Championship at Olympic Park in Homebush. (detail)
Paul Blackmore | The Whale | A massive swell swept the carcass of a 30-tonne whale into the ocean pool at Newport Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches. (detail)
Deb Kent | 60 Seconds of Fame | At the 2013 Royal Easter Show this starlet and her assistant have their 60 seconds of fame. (detail)
Jason McCawley  | Ocean Pool | A swimmer heads to the ocean pool during a storm at North Narrabeen, Sydney.  (detail)
Laura Moore | Burnt (Proof # 2) - From Plato’s Cave Series  | A self-portrait in sunlight. (detail)
Ben Herman | Spidey the Buck | The groom-to-be on top of a cliff with his mates.(detail)
Geoff Harvey | Temple of Tempe | An amusing urban scene of disparate symbols in Tempe. (detail)
Jgor Cavallina | Newtown, Oldtown | Time is a foggy road that has no end (detail)
Ingvar Kenne | Race Day  | Race day Sydney Cup at Randwick 2013. (detail)
Cam Cope | Foot Head | A late night commute in the city. (detail)
Gregory McBean | Remembering Dasher | A footpath tribute to a Surry Hills canine identity beloved by the local community. Dasher sadly died after being hit by a car. RIP (detail)
Richard Payne | Barbeque | Sierra Leone barbecue. Auburn NSW. (detail)
Mark Callanan | Sundeckers | The morning after. Killarney. (detail)
Andrew Quilty | Killarney | Mark Callanan, the last custodian of the 100+ year old property ‘Killarney’, takes in a winter dusk with Tiger and friends. (detail)
Sahlan Hayes | “Timewarp”….. not how I remembered the 80’s |“Physique” is an eightiesinspired exercise class that takes place at the Redfern PCYC. Participants are encouraged to dress, like all genuine flash-dancers; badly. (detail)

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  • Andrew

    Sydney life. yea really. Most of the pictures to me looked staged, One that is staged, is Tamara dean’s picture next to the river with the bright lighting and dark shadows, what a joke

  • Bianca

    I’d have to agree with you to Andrew. They almost all look to be staged and are quite boring.