Sydney is hanging out its dirty laundry – and all our little secrets, confessions and private thoughts are lit up for others to see.

Sydney-based design practice Alphabet Studio has transformed our City Lights for Art & About Sydney in a witty take on Private Lives…Public Places.

What’s your little secret? And how far would you go to hide it?

The Artists

Alphabet Studio is a Sydney based design practice specialising in visual communication, predominantly serving arts and entertainment.

Art&About-mensshortsleeveTshirt1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-Shorts1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-Shorts2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-Singlet3-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-underpants1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-menslongsleeveTshirt1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-pants2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-menshirt1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-menslongsleeveTshirt2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-womensTshirt1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-pants1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-underpants2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-mensshortsleeveTshirt3-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-mensshortsleeveTshirt2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-Singlet2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-Singlet1-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-Shorts3-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-menshirt2-FINAL-Low Res
Art&About-womenshirt1-FINAL-Low Res

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  • Carlos Danger

    I’m all for Art About, its a great initiative, but the secrets exhibition is derivative. The artist should acknowledge Candy Chang as inspiration.