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Paying tribute to the people and places that stay the same in the face of constant development and change, Bread and Butter takes us on a personal and moving journey into the very human stories of our city.

You’ll meet Nick the Barber, Doris Goddard from the Hollywood Hotel, the Perkal Brothers shoemakers, Andy from McKenzie’s Hardware Store, Edinson from Legion Cabs and Mum from the Oceanic Café. Each share their stories with images and words, six brief encounters with the generation that experienced the great depression, WWII or a new beginning as an immigrant.

The Artists

Created by Little Lightning Stories, Bread and Butter is the work of photographer David Adams, who hails from Sydney and has spent more than a decade working and exhibiting in The Netherlands; and story collector Evi van der Niet.


Mum from the Oceanic Cafe
Nick the Barber
Perkal Brothers Shoemarkers
Andy from McKenzie's Hardware Store
Doris Goddard from the Hollywood Hotel
Edinson from Legion Cabs

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