Each spring Art & About Sydney celebrates our city’s creativity and imagination, with local and international artists bringing their ideas, wit and unique spirit to the spaces we all share.

This year we are focussing on the endangered – what we’ve lost or are in danger of losing. From the local milk bar, once seen in small towns and suburbs across Australia, to sending a postcard on holiday or simply being uncontactable; artists and performers have given us their own response to all that is disappearing from our lives. Their work is thought-provoking, surprising and sure to inspire and intrigue.

Our creative community, and shared celebrations of this creativity, are fundamental to the identity of our city. The City has long recognised the importance of fostering an environment where ideas and imagination can flourish through grants, public art programs and the encouragement of finegrain activity.

This year we released our Creative City policy, a comprehensive plan for how we can best use our resources to continue supporting our creative communities. This followed extensive consultation with residents, artists, performers and the many people engaged in creative and cultural pursuits. Their input and ideas were invaluable in formulating an action plan. This includes an expanded role for Art & About Sydney, with projects throughout the year, in addition to the annual celebration of art in our streets and public spaces. I look forward to the continued flourishing of Sydney’s unique and vibrant creative spirit as we enjoy Art & About Sydney together, and as we implement our Creative City policy in the years to come.


In an age where it’s seemingly possible to document almost anything, so many experiences we once took for granted are fast disappearing.

This year Art & About Sydney turns its gaze to the ‘endangered’: from kids roaming our streets, privacy, letter writing, dropping in unannounced, shopping in person, cigarette smoke and all night clubbing. When we think of what’s at risk, we immediately think of our natural environment – but these other small and frequently forgotten aspects of life are also at stake.

During September and October, local and international artists bring their unique response to the threatened to our city streets and public spaces. Whether it’s the sad, the silly, the harmful, the hilarious, the obvious or the obscure, their works lets us all immerse ourselves in what we are losing, and in doing so, bring hope to the endangered once more.